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WVU Tech has entered an exciting era of revival and rededication. On September 1, 2015 the West Virginia University Board of Governors unanimously voted to make Beckley the new home of WVU Tech.

In addition to the usual complement of classes offered at WVU Tech in Montgomery, freshman classes will be offered on the Beckley campus beginning in the fall of 2016. The move of all of the current WVU Tech academic programs to Beckley, including engineering programs and athletics, will be accomplished by the fall of 2017. The vision and mission of WVU Tech and its commitment to serve the southern region of West Virginia not only will continue, but will be enhanced through its new location.

Over the next two years, the 2024 WVU Tech strategic plan will be broadened to encompass the new opportunities presented by the move to Beckley. Please join us as we strive together to accomplish our strategic goals and fulfill our vision. Periodic updates on our progress will be posted here.

For questions or other information about WVU Tech’s strategic planning, please feel free to contact us.

WVU Tech Sign
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